Friday, 3 August 2012

Customization Capturing a Center stage in WordPress Installations

WordPress, an open-source application, is extensively utilized for content management and blog publishing. Higher success rate of WordPress is attributed to its ease of installation and customization possibilities. With active involvement in more than 200 million websites across the globe, WordPress, at present, ranks among one of the most popular content management systems.

Customization – Need and Benefits:

As majority of users are utilizing WordPress for various other purposes, in addition to blogging, need for customization is gaining momentum. With WordPress increasingly being deployed in diversified roles, it becomes sense to consider certain customization options such as, changing the theme of site, altering design or usability etc
While the default WordPress theme perfectly does its job, it may still require couple of changes to acquire a unique look. Customization not only enhances a website’s functionality, it maximizes site’s usability, contributing to increased productivity. Furthermore, a customized webpage is most likely to result in a considerable increase in the number of visitors. But we must not forget that a visual delight always fascinates users till a certain point. It must be well supported by an equally engaging content too. So, it makes no sense to write a useful unique content and keep it on a dull looking webpage. A creative theme is always better positioned to encourage visitors to subscribe to our feed. If we already have a captivating content, a visually appealing background can be put up to highlight it.

As WordPress comes bundled with all the tools including, a plug-in architecture and a templating system, customization is a breeze. The templating system, loaded with widgets, allows users to customize pages without editing PHP or HTML. WordPress also features a search-engine friendly structure, an integrated link management, support for articles and Tagging posts, and a clean permalink. Additionally, it is loaded with automatic filters to facilitate convenient text formatting and styling. However, it solely depends upon the user if he/she feels competent enough to do the changes himself/herself. 

Role of a Development Team:

Having said that WordPress customization yields stupendous results, it is imperative for us to entrust the responsibility to a team fully conversant with WordPress customization. An expert team not only ensures hassle free operation, but also rewards us by providing more customization options, which probably we are not aware of. Moreover, as some WordPress themes carry a price tag, and are bit difficult to customize, it is advisable to rely on experts. With WordPress development team on our side, we just need to specify the requirements and oversee the desired outcome. 

"WordPress or Joomla - Which one has better potential?

The two popular CMS platforms are WordPress and Joomla. Joomla has always been compared with WordPress. Now the question arises which one of them has the better potential from web designing point of view. Well, we all know that WordPress is easy to learn both from end user as well as developer’s view point. However Joomla offers advanced functionality. It offers more options as far as website design is concerned.   

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